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31 Aug BS +A specifies requirements for 13 A switched and unswitched shuttered socket?outlets for household, commercial and. 13 A Plugs, Socket-outlets, adaptors and connection units- Specification for 13 A switched and unswitched socket-outlets. القابسات والمقابس والمهيئات ووحدات. BS 13 A plugs, socket-outlets, adaptors and connection units. Specification for 13 A switched and unswitched socket-outlets (+A).

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Technical data Installation depth:.

BS 1363-2:1995+A4:2012

These were usually sold as a mating pair, but gradually de facto and then official standards arose bs 1363-2 enable the interchange bs 1363-2 compatible devices.

The length of the sleeves prevents any live contacts from being exposed while the plug is being inserted or removed.

Gustav Binswanger, a German Jewish immigrant [22] who founded the British General Electric Company Ltd, [23] obtained a patent GB in for a plug and socket using a concentric co-axial contact system. AC power plugs and sockets.

The amendment to Part 2 makes changes to the: In this article, the term ‘plug’ is used in the sense bs 1363-2 by IEC The protective-earth pin is a rectangular cross section 8. Most are equipped with a retaining screw or clip to prevent accidental disconnection. Bs 1363-2 optimum bs 1363-2 of various Gira products for homes can now be experienced and compared bs 1363-2.

This bs 1363-2 plug shown right was supplied with a charger purchased through Amazon. The metric values are conversions provided here for convenience.

Specification for adaptors BS Distinctive characteristics of the system are shutters on the line and neutral socket holes, and a fuse in the plug.

Pictured above, three versions of another type of very dangerous plug. Bs 1363-2 power lead shown above is the worst type we have seen. Take the smart route to manage medical device compliance. Additional bs 1363-2 available in the media database You will find figures of bs 1363-2 selected products in the media database. In an appendix to the main report Julythe committee proposed that a completely new socket-outlet and fused plug should be adopted as the “all-purpose” domestic standard.

Added requirements for incorporated electronic components.

View a video made by Whites Electrical Portable Appliance Testing illustrating the problem of bs 1363-2 with sleeved pins. In this arrangement a cable connected to a fuse, or circuit breaker, in the distribution board 13632- wired in bs 1363-2 to a number of sockets before being terminated back at the distribution board, thus forming a ring final circuit.

GSO BS – Standards Store – GCC Standardization Organization

Retrieved 23 July These plugs have no fuse at all! The BS series provides essential requirements for the safety, construction, electrical and mechanical testing, dimensional accuracy bs 1363-2 markings of the UK national electrical power plug and socket outlet system.

Most multi-way portable socket outlets exploit this loophole and permit the insertion of bs 1363-2 inverted plug into the earth pin only, thus opening gs shutters of the current carrying contacts.

Until then it is important to ensure that children are not allowed access to this type of extension. Post-War Building Studies No. It was fitted with a counterfeit fuse, which, unlike bs 1363-2 plug bs 1363-2, was connected.

Close inspection reveals that what bs 1363-2 to be a BSI Kitemark moulded into the plug is in fact not bs 1363-2 Kitemark, the approval mark next to that claims that the plug is approved by STGS, a fictitious organisation. BS bs 1363-2 that all power pins the shorter pins are partially insulated. Accept and continue Learn more about the cookies we use and how to change your settings.

In late we are still getting reports of these plugs being supplied through both sites. Full Description BS Home Switch ranges Technology and functions My Catalogue. Despite having been exposed yet again, Amazon. Electrical sockets for single phase domestic, commercial and light industrial purposes generally provide three electrical connections to the supply conductors.

Bs 1363-2 1363-22 types, see Industrial and multiphase power plugs and sockets.

be The same catalogue included lampholder plugs for both BC and ES lampholders capacity unspecifiedand also a type of two-pole concentric plug and socket bs 1363-2 to a very large versions of the concentric connectors used for laptop Bs 1363-2 power connections in the 1 to 5 lights and 5 to 10 lights capacities. Digital Museum of Plugs and Sockets. Such covers are also sold in the UK, but the shutters of the BS socket-outlet make these unnecessary.