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Gedore 7 7 Combination wrench, 7mm. Gedore IN 19 19 Hex Bit socket 19mm. Gedore 40 Z Hook wrench with pin. Ratchet made of sturdy plastic compound material. Gedore 37 Universal Filter Wrench. Gedore 1 Piston Ring Gedore tools catalogue Clamp.

With 9 Metric Sizes: Gedore U K About 11 inches gedore tools catalogue. No Longer Available from Gedore. Supplied with calibration certificate to DKD standards. Hardened along the full length with plastic handle. The buoyancy of the case with catxlogue is about N. Gedore 31 K 6 Friction ratchet handle without insert ring 6″.

Gedore 1 B 34mm Wrench, Combination open-box, 10 degree offset box end, mm long. All black handle until stock runs out.

Overall length of around 14 inches. Gedore 7 XL 21 Code: Gedore 38mm Single open end, DIN pattern, 38mm, black finish, mm length, No Longer Available, 1 left in stock. Fine tooth ratchet with reversing disk. To Be discontinuted, a few left at the factory warehouse. May be used in caatalogue with 26 D and 26 RS tommy bars.

Gedore 13mm Single open end, DIN pattern, 13mm, black finish, mm length, 5. Flat offset heads and each end is same gedore tools catalogue. It is less slippery in oily gedore tools catalogue. This set gedore tools catalogue suitable for more than 40 standard ball bearings up to the Reaction arm L-form straight for DVV40, 1″ Hold the small knurled cylinder stationary, and turn the large knurled ring clock-wise to open the legs.

Gedore gedore tools catalogue arc punch. Titanium nitride surface means its harder, more gedire, has better surface protection, more gedore tools catalogue, has a fine design, tpols fast compensation of temperature differences. Gedore 10x13mm Double open end, DIN pattern, mm long, black finish.

Comes in cardboard packaging with extension tube. For pulley up to 6″. Gedore 42 12 Hexagon Allen Key for in-hex screws, 12mm. Gedore 1 B 23mm Wrench, Combination open-box, 10 degree offset box end, mm long.

This tool is easy to use with legs that are fixed in the slot. Gedore 25 22 Socket Wrench. Gedore 7 R 16 Flat pattern.

GEDORE Tools Catalog Page, German Hand Tools

Gedore H Engineers’ hammer. Gedore 7 8 Combination wrench, 8mm. Gedore 46 Gedore tools catalogue Slogging Spanner mm long, g. Gedore 7 XL 12 Code: Gedore 30mm Single open end, DIN pattern, 30mm, black finish, mm length, Reversible ratchet 27x32mm, bi-hexagon and “rat-tail” handle.

Gedore 31 K 10 Friction ratchet handle without insert ring 10″. Gedore Chisel and Punch set 6 pieces in plastic holder.

Gedore 31 K 12 Caalogue ratchet handle without insert ring 12″. Gedore H Gedore H Engineers hammer, g. Gedore 32 Ring Slogging Spanner. Gedore 8 screwdriver bit for in-hex screws.

Gedore Aluminum Torque Wrench 1″ gedore tools catalogue. C65 forged tool steel.