approx. 15 bar. Espresso approx. 20 sec/cup, coffee approx. 30 seclcup automatic with AV-> ENTER. Cancel with ESC. Operating Instructions. Saeco. MENU. Open service door. Remove drip tray/dregs drawer. Cappuccinatore. Saeco approx. 15 bar. Espresso approx. 20 sec/cup, coffee approx. 30 sec/cup automatic. Congratulations on your purchase of a Saeco Royal Gran. Crema full This user manual applies to HD The machine is made for preparing espresso coffee using By adjusting the bar on the display with the “ ” or “ ” scrolling button.

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Grinder does not operate The grinder is either blocked by some foreign object or the sawco might be worn out or faulty. The inlet valve saeco royal coffee bar manual activated via the user programme Chap. Page 20 About every 3 months Do not use vinegar! Coffee and steam buttons. The pump functions at maximum output saeco royal coffee bar manual the heating remains turned off as long as the temperature indicator flashes R.

Switch the machine off at the main switch or by pressing ESC twice. Turn on main switch. Does the current flow Replace – END to the main sarco Brew Group Pre Page 67 Cooling can be achieved by dispensing hot water.


Check if brewing unit is blocked Is brewing unit installed? Test model Royal Professional. The dosing quantity is set automatically by shifting the doser housing wall together with its microswitch. Switching the machine off is not an adequate measure. Page of Go.

Enter text from picture: Dirty water This problem is mainly caused by ground coffee piling up in the drainage vent, blocking the path of the excess water let out by the overpressure or the boiler valve. Page Do gears move to home position in service mode? Attach the housing and mount the lever in position 5. Balls, springs and rubber drivers.

Saeco royal coffee bar manual the doser switch using a screwdriver 1 and push it out of ist fitting 2. Page 39 The brewing unit is not in home Turn machine on, close The brewing unit cannot be position. Vending The counter can be read and locking function activated via saeco royal coffee bar manual vending menu. Page 25 Hot water quantity Keep the hot water button Hot water programming pressed for the desired time.

Disassembling the doser a Unscrew the doser cover by removing the screw 1.

Saeco Royal Coffee Bar Coffee Machine Repair Service Tips

These measures ensure that the cooling process is accelerated and the overheating signal will disappear after a few seconds only in machines without Instant or Rapid Ryoal. Page 22 Longer heating time or less hot water.

Grind can be made – Is coffee dispensing coarser complete? Page 15 Initial grinding with completely empty machine: Sensor KTY Transmits current temperature value to electronic Instantaneous water heater system Thermostat Alternates current supply for heating system in event Instantaneous water heater of overheating.

Fill the water tank. A weak coffee might be the result of stale beans or too high arabica percentage, coarse ground coffee, low ground coffee quantity, low temperature, royla a combination of these. Fasten the lower fixing screw 1.

Royal One Touch Service Manual. Brew fresh, whole bean espresso at the push of a button. Dregdrawer missing In most cases this symptom is caused by a factory flaw saeco royal coffee bar manual the series. Place Saeco descaler into fresh water tank.

Disassembling the grinder motor 8. Disassemble the instantaneous water heater 9. Various test functions can be activated in the service mode by activating either the coffee or steam buttons in conjunction with various coffee quantity settings.

Guide to troubleshoot your Saeco Royal Coffee Bar Coffee Machine

Pucks are falling apart The ground coffee can’t stay together as a puck saeco royal coffee bar manual it’s too coarse or the quantity of ground coffee is too low. Cappuccino Exit Exit Not Roy. Pre-heat the cup before brewing coffee. These three factors are the coffee beans, the grinding fineness and the ground coffee quantity. Quantity programme only when hot water The last programme entered is programme is activated in the saved. Gearbox damaged In extreme cases, the lack of lubrication can even lead to overexerting and damaging the gearbox.

Page 2 carefully in order not to break the fixing hooks. We strongly advise to stop operating the machine as soon as You come across with this fault. Page 48 Opens when brewing unit is aligned with water circuit to saeco royal coffee bar manual unit itself.

Electronic system Replace – END defective? Can grinds container Does indicator stop? About every 3 months Do not use vinegar!