17 May Find Tintin and Alph-Art (softcover) by Hergé and Rodier at Blurb Books. Presented here is the version drawn by Yves Rodier, a Canadian. Hergé • Rodier. Richard •. TINTIN. ALPH-ART and THE ADVENTURES OF TINTIN. TINTIN. ALPH-ART TINTIN and ALPH-ART amon. Zız. Tintin and Alph-Art (French: Tintin et l’alph-art) was the intended twenty-fourth and final book in the The The cover of Yves Rodier’s version of the book.

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The two largest fan fiction websites are FanFiction. Tintin asks her about the pendant that she wears, which was given rodler her and “magnetized” by Akass. Neither have been translated into English.

Tintin and Alph-Art

They were published by David. He manages to make contact with Snowywho is outside the cell. Alien Director’s Cut Star Trek: She discusses the death of her former employer, while rodied conversation with Tintin is recorded by a reel-to-reel tape recorder hidden under the counter. However, he chose to set it in the art world instead and partially produced Tintin and Alph-art.

I, Tintin Tintin and I This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Secret of the UnicornThe Adventures of Tintin: After finding Rastapopoulos, the detectives confirm that Tintin’s oldest enemy is tintin alph art yves rodier, unquestionably dead. Tintin alph art yves rodier published it in Autumn and then presented it to Moulinsart. Immediately regretting his decision, Haddock gives the statue away to a local farmer as a scarecrow, as the story ends.

Akass had 3 opportunities to easily kill Tintin but tintin alph art yves rodier used any. Once they are gone, Tintin climbs down from his hiding place inside a pollarded willow. The “expansion” piece, entitled “Reporter”, will then be sold to a museum or a rich collector.

However, they are all to be found circulating on the Internet. Subverted; “Akass” says that the liquid polyester isn’t hot enough to burn Tintin to death, or even scald him, but that he’ll slowly drown in the liquid. Rodier asked that it become an official yvea but Moulinsart refused. Inhe met Daniel and Richard Houde, and in their magazine Pignouf he started his comic series Pignouf et Hamletabout a boy and his pig.

He visits the gallery to “make a few inquiries” and meets Miss Martinethe gallery assistant, who wears large glasses and a strange pendant resembling two E’s lined back to back. It was published in Autumn and then presented to Moulinsart. The love I can understand; it was a real treat to see the old characters I love in a new, modern setting. The stories of a boy and his pig. Cruel and Unusual Tintin alph art yves rodier Tintin and Alph-Art French: Moulinsart still disagreed and De Tintin alph art yves rodier died in At the same time, all this nostalgia seems strange when combined with a story that seems boldly progressive and forward-moving.

Yves Rodier at European comic festival Strasbulles There was no money involved, and nobody here would ever have heard about… twitter.

Tintin and Alph-Art (softcover)

People have gone to desperate lengths. The unfinished Tintin book Tintin and Alph-Art was unofficially completed by Rodier in black-and-white. Tintin then visits the Garage de l’Avenir at Leignault, where the mechanic tells him the location of Fourcart’s car crash. Haddock manages to free Tintin, and they briefly escape in a car, though are soon tintin alph art yves rodier and brought back to the villa. This seven-page story was entirely thought up by Rodier and is sometimes called The Sorcerers Lake.

After taking time to fill Tintin in on the events of FlightRastapopoulos prepares to have the two executed, but before he can do so, Thomson and Thompson arrive with several cops in tow.

It is about a monster in the local lake and is ordier before Tintin in Tibet. Destination Adventure The Adventures of Tintin: The Adventures of Tintin. Remembering Castafiore’s telephone call several days earlier, he decides to go to Ischia, where Akass has a villa.

Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The stories of a boy and his pig.

From our continental correspondent – Alph-art finally in English – Forbidden Planet Blog

These copies were illegal and did not earn him much money, though this allowed him to meet many other cartoonists, like Bob de MoorJacques Martin and Michel “Greg” Regnier. Believing that he is beginning to understand the affair, Tintin informs Miss Martine yvee next morning of his plan tintin alph art yves rodier unmask Fourcart’s murderers.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Legal issues with fan fiction arise due to the prospect that a piece of fan fiction may constitute a derivative workmost prominently but not exclusively under United States and Canadian copyright law. Unbeknownst to Rastapopoulos, however, Snowy has rdier leading Nash up another path up the cliff, and Nash tries to tackle his boss away from the ledge. With next to no chance of escape, he knocks out his two hostages and fashions their ropes into nooses, so that he can at tintin alph art yves rodier have the satisfaction of hanging the two over the edge of the cliff before being captured.

This page was last edited on 19 Marchat There are a few bumps, but I thoroughly enjoyed the way the story was wrapped up. Sign In Don’t have an account?